Andrew Moncrief

Moncrief / METAL Magazine Interview

January 23, 2021 - Fraser Currie

Solace in the Studio

The dust is finally settling for Canadian artist Andrew Moncrief. With an array of interests from painting to printmaking, and with themes ranging from queer identity to body dysmorphia, his artistic talent and passion have seen him featured in a range of galleries and caught the attention of leading artists in his home country. With parents who nurtured his artistic prowess and interest from an early age to now having a Rubens painting on his doorstep, Moncrief has built his life around art. He talks to us about masculinity in his work, his education as an artist, and the inspiration he finds in solitude which, in a year of uncertainty, has only become more certain.

Andrew Moncrief's recent Interview with La Fabrique Culturelle

July 26, 2017 - Filmmaker Jérémie Battaglia


Andrew Moncrief recently welcomed into his studio Télé Québec's, La Fabrique Culturelle and filmmaker Jérémie Battaglia — of the feature documentary Perfect — for an in-depth interview into Andrew's current state of mind and artistic direction.

This interview gives a glimpse into his new workspace in Montreal’s Mile-End neighborhood, his process, and discusses of some of the current themes he is working on. 

Also, you can check out his other interview for his spring exhibition "Losing Face" at Never Apart in Montreal.