Ava Grey


artist statement 

Ava Grey is an artist duo comprised of Caesar Perez and Nick Glazebrook. Each artist brings his own vision and talents, which are woven together seamlessly. Caesar is a life-long painter and illustrator with a range of experience including painting large-scale murals, designing restaurants, and showing in galleries across Europe. Nick’s background includes working in architecture, co-founding a computer animation company, then learning carpentry and furniture making. Combined, their focus is on creating sculptures and installations from a variety of materials.


After working on a few preliminary collaborative projects, the two artists learned how to combine their skills and started their partnership Ava Grey Designs at Mana Contemporary Chicago in 2014. Their work celebrates the creative culture all around us by using relevant materials such as repurposed skateboards, records, and spray paint cans. Combining them with new building materials such as metal, acrylic plastics, and finely worked wood. Often juxtaposing these urban, man-made materials by transforming them into natural elements like flowers and animals. Which is inspired by their mutual appreciation for all the beauty nature has to offer, while growing up and living in Chicago.


artist statement: Sub-Americana

Sub-Americana is a collection of sculptures that embody Ava Grey’s celebration of urban contemporary culture. With the intentional use of items like broken skateboards and empty spray paint cans, Ava Grey combines the colors, rich details, and weathered textures found in these materials to showcase their history as tools of creative expression.