Matthew Capaldo


Artist Statement

My work explores the dual nature and universality of the human experience through the use of color, form and content. Saturated hues alongside open mark making and the use of shadow and light affords each canvas a tension reflecting the ambiguity of the narrative. The feeling of liberation through control and stillness within motion are desired technical effects but the interpretation or soul of each narrative is up to the viewer to determine for themselves.


Artist Bio

Matthew Capaldo is a self-taught artist based in Provincetown. Raised in Massachusetts, Matthew was graduated from Boston University with a degree in English Literature before relocating to California. He spent a decade in San Francisco and Los Angeles before returning to Massachusetts. It was during the winters in Provincetown that Matthew taught himself how to paint and shortly thereafter began to show his work in galleries and The Provincetown Art Association and Museum, where he was selected for several juried exhibitions. 

In 2016, a solo exhibition of thirty of his paintings entitled “Familiar Mysteries,” was presented at the Orlando Museum of Art. His work is included in the permanent collection of the Orlando Museum of Art as well as in private collections across the United States.