Thom Jackson


Artist Statement:

April 25, 2020 from Thom Jackson

I might describe this as my exhibit culled from various stories but when together tells the story of “Sheltering in Place.” 
Some of the images are comforting and bring a feeling of safety and protection Cot Under Shade Tree  and the Come de Garcon Leaping. The girl in the tree, Hiding in Tree represents the isolation, and the sheltering in place we have all been experiencing while the Suspenders image and Cactus Portrait send a message of power, control and strength that we all need right now.
The Couple Cadillac Mirror relays a closeness between the couple that exists in a private although cautious environment. 
Julia, Julia Marfa Bunkhouse Rocks, topless and vulnerable but still covering and protecting herself is a graphic representation of our common vulnerability. And the Two Rings Two Shadows can be interpreted as signifying a ring of solidarity and unity. Of course the White Sands Nude Impressions image speaks for itself and for how the entire world is feeling. It’s a struggle but we will all pull ourselves through it.
                                                                              -   -   -   -   -   -

My work is a result of my experience, trial and error, creativity, personalities, desire, weather, light, all manipulated until the energy evolves into a moment that a second before seemed unattainable but somehow happened.

Capturing that moment is addictive. I anxiously anticipate, almost crave the success of the perfect image. This process is rewarding, frustrating, and all-consuming, and I cannot imagine my life without it.

I strive for my photographs to convey the emotion they depict. Each image is memorable because of the emotions they evoke, in the photographer, the subject, and the viewer.

I learned to print in the traditional darkroom and was an early adopter of archival inkjet  printing.  I print these images utilizing the finest archival inks and papers. This final step ensures the original intent of the photograph is realized.

Thom Jackson