Jay Maggio


My intrigue with trees...

dates back to my childhood and how I used to love to perch in a beautiful mimosa tree in our front yard and watch the world go by.
In South Louisiana, where I grew up and spent half of my life I admired the majestic big oaks and tall pecan trees that were prevalent throughout this part of the country.  My technique is accomplished by taking photo’s of trees that I find interesting and painting them as realistic as I possibly can with great effort to closely match nature’s color or to greatly exaggerate it.   

To create the texture and sparkle sometimes evident in my paintings I take a great deal of time to mix the oil colors with linseed oil but paint thinner is never used in my application. Paint brushes with thin long hairs are trimmed to the point where sometimes only a handful of hairs remain.   Once the paint is mixed to a consistency where the thickness of the paint is a fair bit thicker than motor oil but not quite as thick as pudding I then accumulate a fair amount of paint on the tip of the brushes in order to apply it to the canvas and get the pointillist and textured effect.   This technique is very time consuming.  Average size paintings such as a 16” x 20” canvas could take as much as 80 hours to produce.  Larger paintings can take up to five or six weeks.