Moncrief / METAL Magazine Interview

January 23, 2021 - Fraser Currie

Solace in the Studio

The dust is finally settling for Canadian artist Andrew Moncrief. With an array of interests from painting to printmaking, and with themes ranging from queer identity to body dysmorphia, his artistic talent and passion have seen him featured in a range of galleries and caught the attention of leading artists in his home country. With parents who nurtured his artistic prowess and interest from an early age to now having a Rubens painting on his doorstep, Moncrief has built his life around art. He talks to us about masculinity in his work, his education as an artist, and the inspiration he finds in solitude which, in a year of uncertainty, has only become more certain.

Introducing Jarrad Tacon-Heaslip

November 12, 2019

On Center Gallery is pleased to announce our representation of Jarrad Tacon-Heaslip.  Look for Jarrad's new work in the gallery beginning spring 2020.  

New Zealand native Jarrad Tacon-Heaslip creates works which combine his knowledge of architecture with his ongoing exploration of symmetry and color.  During his early twenties, Tacon-Heaslip studied architecture at Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand.  There, he drew inspiration from the crisp lines and structural forms of modern and post-modern architecture, which later became the inspiration for the simple, geometric lines of his artistic works. “Lines,” states Tacon-Heaslip, “offer a quality of precision that other shapes lack.” 

​Tacon-Heaslip’s interest with lines in conjunction with his long-term fascination of geometry come vibrantly to life in his multicolored pieces.  Tacon-Heaslip invites his viewers to “enjoy the art experience through feeling rather than concept,” to take in the stunning impression of pure, unblemished form and color.  Combined with the large-scale size of many of his works and the masterful resin application which he has perfected over the last several years, the impact of his work is forcibly direct.  The resin application, in order to further augment the positive feeling that Tacon-Heaslip attempts to provoke in his viewers, “makes the colors pop, it makes the most vibrant quality of the colors emerge.”    

The colors employed in Tacon-Heaslip’s work are part of an evolutionary process that has been manifesting for years.  According to Tacon-Heaslip, “the pieces in this series are inspired by what I feel as aesthetically appealing; they are part of a long process of acquainting myself with the way particular colors work and communicate with one another.”  Tacon-Heaslip is continuously working towards creating color contrasts that induce feelings associated with bright, glowing experiences.



Winston Mascarenhas Featured in Group Show at David Schweitzer Contemporary, Bushwick, NY

September 9, 2018

On Center Gallery is pleased to announce that gallery aritst Winston Mascarenhas is Featured in a Group Show at David Schweitzer Contemporary, Bushwick, NY

The culmination of weeks of planning and a ten-day, intensive on-site period of residency in Brooklyn, Exquisite Corpse will amount to a collective installation of works by Deborah Kapoor, Winston Mascarenhas, Bonny Leibowitz and Francesca Schwartz, all of whom find inspiration in various understandings and expressions of the body, and of bodies. This is a subject they examine and represent with marked abstraction, in visual terms, and conceptually as something internal, external, protean and interactive — and as the means for and locus of invasion and trauma, healing and recovery, stillness and grace.




January 1, 2018




On Center Gallery co-owners Jill Rothenberg-Simmons and Scot Presley are pleased to officially introduce PRESLEY ROTHENBERG FINE ART, an art consulting agency geared toward residential and commercial spaces. 

Rothenberg and Presley combined have years of consulting experience and have already begun working with private clients throughout the US.  For more information contact Jill Rothenberg 617.799.5274 or Scot Presley 214.893.0033 or by email at



Andrew Moncrief's recent Interview with La Fabrique Culturelle

July 26, 2017 - Filmmaker Jérémie Battaglia


Andrew Moncrief recently welcomed into his studio Télé Québec's, La Fabrique Culturelle and filmmaker Jérémie Battaglia — of the feature documentary Perfect — for an in-depth interview into Andrew's current state of mind and artistic direction.

This interview gives a glimpse into his new workspace in Montreal’s Mile-End neighborhood, his process, and discusses of some of the current themes he is working on. 

Also, you can check out his other interview for his spring exhibition "Losing Face" at Never Apart in Montreal.